Link: The Fascinating Ways Our Minds Connect

By: John Serpa

Published January 26th 2012 by Dog Ear Publishing

Category: Business

Pages: 304 pages

ISBN: 9781457508165

Have you ever considered the possibility that by observing the actions of others, your brain responds as if you were performing them yourself? In addition, what if you knew that advances in neuroscience and behavioral psychology were discovering that this process within our brain, along with the non-verbal cues that result, function as a catalyst that alters outcomes within organizational and social settings? In this intriguing new book, LiNK: The Fascinating Ways Our Minds Connect, John Serpa presents a fresh look into seventy years of scientific research that gives us the reasons "why" organizations can be transformed with little expense. How? By harnessing the intriguing ways our minds link. Throughout the book, he shares insights from neuroscience experts and spitfire organizations such as a public boarding school that boasts one of the highest college enrollment levels, a company that achieves 99.9997 percent accuracy with no training, a hospital that radically improved the care for premature infants, and how blind children were taught to make movies. The lessons they'll teach will benefit you. With this knowledge in hand, organizational and personal development can be taken to a whole new level by leveraging the unique communication functions of our mind. John Serpa is an author and public speaker who has spent over twenty-five years linking the minds of people in organizations ranging from non-profits to Fortune 500 firms. John's core mission is to help organizations transform. An advocate for organizational effectiveness, LiNK is his first book. John is also a frequent contributor to the online magazine, Social Media Today, and has presented to corporations and conferences on the subject of motivation and engagement. For more information about John, please visit You can also email him at or tweet @johnserpa.